Delivery Truck with parcel inside

When will I receive my order?

We know how eager you are to receive your order and we work hard for it to reach its destination as soon as possible. You will receive your order 2-3 weeks after its confirmation.

Do you ship orders to all countries?

The delivery system is currently prepared for shipping orders to anywhere in Europe. However if you live in another continent, please contact us and we will study the possibility of shipping you the order to where you wish to receive it.

How much are the delivery costs?

We have tried to keep the delivery cost as low as possible and you will therefore receive your order to your home or to someone's home, if you wish to give our products away to someone, at a cost of only 5.50 EUR.For orders over 50 EUR, delivery will be totally FREE!

We also offer a discount of 15% off your first order.